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This is the top-level directory for The PIA, an open-source web-based document-processing system and application framework brought to you by the members of the PIA Project at RiSource.org. If you do not yet have your own local copy, you can download one from RiSource.org/PIA/Downloading.shtml. The PIA is free, open-source software subject to the terms of the Ricoh Source Code Public License.

Annotated Contents


The license under which this software is distributed.
The top-level Makefile includes make targets for building a release, maintaining the PIA website, and similar functions. Anyone intending to make a PIA release, or to create a PIA-based application for anything other than personal use, should read it.
Site configuration file for this directory when used as a PIA root or virtual root directory.
PIA ``home page'' when this directory is used as a PIA root or virtual root directory. This is the page you see when you start the PIA.
Sorted index of all directories in the PIA directory tree. It is made by building a sorted list of files in all-dirs.log and running it through a PERL script. Yes, it should have been done using the PIA.
Frame-enabled view of the PIA directory tree.
Narrow version of all-dirs for use in frames. It can also be turned into a Mozilla/Netscape6 ``sidebar'' using this installer page.
Woad and the WOAD Tree
The PIA's built-in web-based source-code browser.


Agent and application directories for the default personal PIA configuration.
Stand-alone PIA-based applications.
Configuration files for various PIA-based appliances, operating systems, and so on.
Contributed software.
``pure'' (non-active) documentation, including manuals, how-to guides, etc. to be included with the release.
This directory contains sample agents and applications that are meant to be copied and extended; they are not particularly useful by themselves.
This directory contains tagsets used in the PIA. The names of tagsets in this directory are normally prefixed with /Tagsets/ (i.e. they are relative to the top-level SubSite) to allow for user customization.
Binaries (executable files). In addition to the PIA, this directory includes some additional applications here for use on ``thin'' servers and other PIA-based appliances.
Libraries. This directory also contains the fundamental tagsets that are not expected to be customized. Tagsets in lib should be prefixed with pia:/lib/, i.e. they are found relative to $PIA_HOME, which is common to all PIA-based applications.
Source code for the PIA and related utilities.

Virtual Resources

The following documents and directories are not located in this directory. However, if you are viewing this directory through a PIA in its default configuration, they will be present in the listing. Unless otherwise noted, they are actually located in your PIA root directory ($HOME/.pia on Unix).

Icon/ (from Agents/ROOT/ )
Icon directory.
Where the PIA puts log files.
robots.txt (from Agents/ROOT/ )
Control file that tells robots (web crawlers, search engines) which subdirectories to ignore.
Not provided by default -- if you create a file with this name in your PIA root directory, it will be inserted into your PIA's home page between the heading and the documentation grid.

Naming Conventions

Sub-directories that contain source code, libraries, and executables follow the Unix naming convention: src, lib, and bin respectively. Directory names that correspond to ``packages'' or ``modules'' in various object-oriented languages follow the conventions of those languages, i.e., lowercase for Java modules and uppercase for Perl modules.

Subdirectories that contain documents (active or otherwise) utually have capitalized filenames: Doc, Agents, etc. Directories with names derived from e-mail addresses or site names are generally lowercased, e.g., Notes/steve and Contrib/rsv.ricoh.com; exceptions are be made for names, such as RiSource.org, that are capitalized according to local conventions.

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