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Careers 2.0
Selected code, either open source or written by me on my own time back in the days before "open source" was defined.
PIA (1999-2001) on Github: ssavitzky/pia-server
A web server and templating engine for HTML and XML, with functional-programming semantics and XML syntax. It makes a single pass through the input file, making it suitable for low-memory applications. Ugly, but remarkably efficient. Originally written in Perl, rewritten in Java, partially rewritten to use the newly-defined DOM, and later ported to C. Note that the earliest versions were roughly contemporary with the development of PHP, and predated both XML and the DOM.
   I designed the language and wrote the XML/HTML parser, the interpreter, and the DOM library. This will also give you a good idea of how I like to organize a project, with HEADER.html files in most if not all directories. (These are gradually being replaced with as things get moved to GitHub.)
These are the tools I use to manage multiple websites, songbooks, recording projects, and so on. Also a good example of how I organize projects and use Makefiles as a way of aggregating commonly-used code snippets.
Silvermine Resources products
I wrote this suite of programs for my late father's now-defunct consulting company. They ran under MS-DOS, and provide a simple mc-like interface for transferring and converting files written by a variety of different Perkin-Elmer spectrophotometers and other devices. The project involved writing drivers for several different filesystems, and used make for incremental backups and production as well as compilation.