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This directory contains stand-alone PIA-based applications. Unlike the applications in ../Agents/, which are meant to be used in a personal PIA proxy server, these applications are meant to be used by themselves on a dedicated server, or ``mounted'' as a top-level subdirectory of a larger site such as an office intranet.

Furthermore, unlike the sample applications in ../Samples/, these are complete applications, ready to use ``out of the box'' after proper installation. When used without installation as part of a personal or demonstration PIA server (such as you are browsing now) they may not be fully functional.

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Woad/ ( Web-Organized Application Development )
A web-based ``Integrated Development Environment'' optimized for (but not limited to) web applications. As the name suggests, WOAD allows you to use the web to organize a development project, including its developer and user communities. Among other things, it provides a web-based way of viewing and annotating source code.

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