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Sample Applications

This directory contains a subdirectory for each sample application that is meant to be accessible at the top level of a PIA server, i.e. as ~name. Many of these top-level applications consist of an Agent and the pages that control and describe it.

This directory is ``overlaid'' by your personal Samples directory; this lets you make private versions of any agent's files. Your personal Samples directory is normally located under $PIA_HOME; which is typically ~/.pia on a Unix system. The last line in the directory listing (below) will give its actual location in this server.


The following directories contain ``web applications'' that may, in some cases, be made available as ``home directories'' just like agents.

Browser-specific samples. This includes, for example, a page that adds a sidebar to Mozilla-based browsers.
Illustrates how to associate a tagset with a filename extension.
An exceedingly simple form.
An absolutely trivial application.
An example of a ``liquid document'' -- one in which links that correspond to details are expanded in place.
A pretty, albeit useless, application home page that uses the PIA's standard page-layout tags.
Similar to HelloWorld but with its own local tagset.
A ``stock ticker'' that contains an Agent that grabs a stock price from a remote website every so often.
The bones of a forms server for a small office. By no means complete out-of-the-box, but it is intended to be customized into a small-office intranet application that can (we hope!) be maintained by HTML-savvy non-programmers.

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