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This directory contains the ``libraries'' which are required for ordinary operation of the PIA and the DPS's process command. In particular, it contains the fundamental tagsets. Unlike the PIA server tagsets in ../Tagsets, tagsets in this directory are not expected to be customized. Some of the tagsets in this directory are meant to be used primarily offline.

Note that lib is normally added to the PIA's CLASSPATH.

See Also:
../Tagsets -- tagsets used only in the PIA.
This is the default directory from which tagsets are loaded; names of the tagsets in this directory need not be prefixed.

Annotated Contents

Class Libraries

A Java ARchive file that contains all of the PIA's classes. May not be present; it can be rebuilt by issuing the command ``make pia.jar'' in this directory.


If you are viewing this directory through a PIA, the .ts files will be displayed using the tsdoc tagset. Otherwise, there are probably statically-built .html files you can look it.

basic.ts .html
The ``basic'' tagset, containing definitions of all the primitive tags. This is the definitive documentation on tags
tsdoc.ts .html
Tagset for documenting tagsets. This is used online for viewing tagsets, and offline for building the HTML documentation files.
tsstrip.ts .html
Tagset for stripping documentation out of a tagset to make it load faster.
xhtml.ts .html
Additional tags for processing XHTML files.
ehtml.ts .html
Same as xhtml.ts but handles standard HTML constructs, including empty tags (like <hr>) and missing end tags, without complaint.
debug.ts .html
a couple of tags used for debugging and displaying XML code.
xxml.ts .html
presently a placeholder; intended to allow non-primitive extensions to basic.ts for processing XML files.
pia-config.ts .html
Tagset used for reading PIA subsite configuration files (_subsite.xcf).
pia-tags.ts .html
Primitive tags intended for use in the PIA. These tags are not used for page layout, and are not likely to be customized.
pia-xxml.ts .html
presently a placeholder; intended to allow non-primitive extensions to basic.ts for processing XML files in the PIA.

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