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This directory contains the tagsets which the designer of a PIA-based application is likely to want to customize.

../lib/ contains the tagsets that are essential to the functioning of the PIA. You are encouraged to look at them, of course, but it is unlikely that anything in that directory will need to be changed.
The names of tagsets in this directory are normally prefixed with /Tagsets/ (i.e. they are relative to the top-level SubSite) to allow for user customization.

Annotated Contents


pia-xhtml.ts .html
Tagset used for processing .xh files in the PIA. Contains tags for headers, subheads, footers, and so on, and defines entities that expand into common logos.
pslides.ts .html
Tagset used for processing .slide files for printing.
slides.ts .html
Tagset used for processing .slide files for online viewing.

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