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This directory is for software, especially configuration files, contributed by PIA users and developers.

The contents of this directory are not an official part of the PIA distribution, but are included in the hope that they will make it more useful.

Each directory in this subtree corresponds to a site, and each directory under that to a user, project, or product. Under each user, the ``my/'' subdirectory contains the contents of the that user's PIA user directory (``~/.pia/'' on Unix systems) -- the name is changed to avoid having special characters in the names. Other configuration files, if the user chooses to put them here, not necessarily renamed.

Annotated Contents

Ricoh Silicon Valley, <rsv.ricoh.com> the Ricoh California Research Center, <crc.ricoh.com> and their parent company Ricoh Innovations, Inc., <rii.ricoh.com>.
Files contributed by Stephen Savitzky <steve@rii.ricoh.com>
An hacked version of the popular Emacs mode with XHTML tags added.

Copyright © 1997-2000 Ricoh California Research Center
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