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This directory contains several kinds of configuration information:

  1. Site configurations, for various arrangements of the PIA server's ``website'' (URL hierarchy).
  2. Environment configurations, for various operating systems and environments.
  3. The ``Software Development Kit'', consisting of makefiles and possibly other development-related files.

Annotated Contents

PIA Configuration Files

This is a sample configuration file designed to be included in a PIA that is accessed through a proxy such as Apache. It is unlikely to work unmodified in your environment.

Site Configuration Files

This subdirectory contains sample site configuration files, and include files used in site and subsite configurations.

Operating Systems & Environments

Configuration files for use with the Java Servlet implementation classes PIAServlet and DPSServlet.
Configuration files for Unix or Linux users. Currently contains an Apache configuration file that can be used to invisibly proxy requests to a PIA. This is an easy way to make a PIA server visible on port 80, which is normally a priviledged port that only processes owned by the superuser can listen on.

Software Development Kit

Templates to be included in Makefile's.


In general, directories with capitalized or uppercase names belong to specific applications, while directories with lowercase names are more generic.

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