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This directory contains configuration files for use with the PIA's Java Servlet implementation.

All of these files contain absolute paths, and may need to be edited before being used! They are currently set up assuming that the Apache web server is installed under /usr/local/apache. Specifically:

		  bin/		httpd binary
		  conf/		configuration files
		       jserv/	... JServ configuration files
		  htdocs/	server document root
		  libexec/	JServ .jar files
		  PIA/		PIA home (usually a symlink)
		  .pia/		PIA root (usually a symlink)

/usr/local/jdk1.2.2/		Java development kit
/usr/local/JSDK2.0/		Java servlet development kit

Annotated Contents

Apache Configuration Files

A sample Apache httpd.conf file that sets things up for Apache-JServ. Actually, the only thing you really need is the line:
Include /usr/local/apache/conf/jserv/jserv.conf
Configuration files for Apache-JServ. If Apache is installed in /usr/local/apache and the PIA/ subdirectory is a symbolic link to a PIA install tree, you can simply do the following:
       cd /usr/local/apache/conf
       ln -s ../PIA/Config/Servlet/jserv .
and there's a fair chance that it might all work well enough for a test. If you actually want to build an application around the PIA servlet, you will at the very least have to edit jserv/zone.properties.pia to tell it where to find the PIA site configuration file. Otherwise, just browse to localhost:8080/servlets/PIA and it should work.

Apache JServ Configuration Files

Server configuration file
Top-level properties file
Properties for the root zone.

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