the PIA

An Open Source platform for Web applications

RiSource.org supports the Open Source development of customizable web applications. The main software available at this site is the Platform for Information Applications (PIA), an Open Source server technology that replaces CGI scripts and embedded programming languages with "active" tags. We are currently developing several individual and group applications such as an Office Forms system, a shared Calendar, and a browser-independent bookmark and history manager. These applications along with the PIA itself are openly available.

Meanwhile, a project to port the document-processing engine of the PIA from Java to C, with the eventual aim of making it into an Apache module, is underway at SourceForge under the project name cPIA.

   <cPIA> XML macro processing in C </cPIA>
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PIA Features Benefits
XML Compliant You can use standard tools (editors, parsers) for development, maintainance, and re-targeting.
Open Source Free, robust, easy to modify or improve yourself, and easy to integrate with legacy applications.
Flexible configuration Core application can be updated without affecting customized pages and data.
Define-your-own tags The same tag can have different actions in different applications; pages are easier to customize and maintain, and faster to develop.
XML processing built-in It is easy to incorporate/extract/modify structured data from other Web sources.
Java-based Platform-agnostic; runs on Linux, Unix, NT.