the PIA

CVS version control

What's CVS? CVS is the Concurrent Versions System. Start at Cyclic Software's pages to learn more.

Anyone can check out the sources via CVS, while only certain people have the ability to check in. If you don't have check-in ability and want to contribute code send a patch file to pia-dev@RiSource.org or the module owner. (You can also post questions there about becoming a module owner and getting check-in ability.)

Note that one normally starts by checking out a set of source files from a CVS repository. In our case, we recommend start by downloading and unpacking the tar file from our site. (You can start with a CVS checkout, but FTP is much faster for getting the initial set of files and includes pre-made class files and documentation.) Tar files created after 4/12/1999 contain all of the necessary CVS information. If you start with a tar file, skip the checkout step in the instructions below.

To use the CVS server, you need to have CVS 1.10 or later. The root repository ($CVSROOT) for our server is:


The password (for user anonymous) is anonymous.

You will only need to log into the server once (CVS remembers your password), after that you can grab all of the latest revisions to the code by doing an update as follows:

% cd PIA
% cvs update -d -P

which will produce output like

U Agents
U Makefile

After updating the source files, remember to run make as you did upon first installing, to build the executable programs from the newly-modified source. You also may want to run make doc, which rebuilds the tagset manuals, API documentation, and so on... but be aware that this process could be very time-consuming (e.g. hours) on a machine with insufficient memory.

Platform Specific Instructions