the PIA

Platform for Information Applications

An open source framework for rapidly developing flexible and easy to maintain web-based applications. See the hackable demo/tutorial page, the PIA background page, or PIA FAQ for an introduction.

PIA News & Updates

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2001-01-11 Version 2.1.5 is out.
This release includes significant improvements to WOAD, and fixes some things that broke when the name ``Ricoh Silicon Valley'' went to a new subsidiary of what is now Ricoh Innovations, Inc.
2000-10-06 Version 2.1.4 is out.
This release includes WOAD, a source viewer, cross-reference, and collaborative annotation server for web-applications.
2000-05-02 Version 2.1.3 is out.
This release includes improved tree browsing.
2000-04-21 Version 2.1.2 is out.
This release includes the ability for the PIA to run as a Servlet, as well as its ability to run as a stand-alone server.
2000-03-01 Version 2.1.1 is out.
This release represents the first ``stable'' release of the PIA.
2000-02-25 Version 2.0.9 is out.
This release represents the ``feature freeze'' before Release 2.1.1.

Hackable, download-free demos/tutorials are out.
These simple demonstrations of common active tags--<if>, <repeat>, <include>, and more--not only execute live for you, but allow you to modify and re-process the "source document" to get an instant hands-on feel for a radical (and radically simple) new web language. No need to download anything; try it now, and you'll be running your own PIA "programs" in minutes!

7/12/99 Our CVS server is now online at cvs.risource.org
We use CVS (Concurrent Versions System) for version control of the source code and documents. The most recent updates can be retrieved with any CVS client (version 1.10 or higher) from our server. See the CVS page for more details.

Conforming examples
All XML pages that comprise the example applications now more closely conform to the XML specification. In particular, all tags are now properly closed and attribute values are quoted. Note that the process command in PIA/bin/ can be used to "clean-up" hand edited XML.