the PIA

PIA Known Bugs

The PIA does not have a formal bug-tracking system yet. However, there are some ``to-do'' files that are included in the appropriate source-code directories, and copied into the release documentation as part of the release process.

org.risource.pia's list
To-do list for the PIA server and applications. (One could argue that the applications should have their own to-do list, but so far it hasn't been necessary.)
org.risource.dps's list
To-do list for the Document Processing System (DPS).
org.risource.site's list
To-do list for the Site Resource Package.

Please note that these lists are kept in reverse chronological order (i.e., newest entries first), and that some of the oldest entries have become irrelevant while nobody was watching them. If you notice a ``bug'' that seems to have been fixed without being removed from the list (or a bug you think ought to be upgraded to a feature!), please let us know.

Description of Keywords

To-do lists have entries flagged with one of the following keywords, which are listed in order of decreasing urgency.

A typically small problem with a simple, unambiguous description of its symptoms.
A piece of missing, but important, functionality.
A target capability, which includes a date.
Something to check for; a potential stumbling block or place where the implementor may have cut corners in the heat of the moment. For example, Y2K problems.
A desirable improvement.
A proposal that will need to be discussed further.
A desired improvement of low priority.